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COVID-19 Reminders for Families, Students, and Staff

Please remember to report all symptoms and home test results to the school health office. Symptomatic students should not attend school on the first day of their symptoms. Contact your school health office for guidance beyond day 1 of symptoms.

Escalante Drama Presents How the West Was Dun

Here’s a hilarious melodrama that spoofs many of Hollywood’s Westerns and has modern touches to boot. Slick and wealthy Richard Coldheart (“Oh, that’s Rich!”) must marry Polly Wanda to control the Wanda property. However, it’s Polly’s homely sister, Prunella, who wants to marry him! Meanwhile, our hero, Sheriff Wayne John, has his hands full surviving the hilarious antics of well-meaning but not too bright Deputy Doowrong. When a bundle of villains, including Snydley Dastardley, Kid Kid, and Calamity Jan, attempt to take over Low Humidity Chasm (Aren’t you sick and tired of melodramas taking place in Dry Gulch?), things really go crazy! Your audience will have to pay close attention to whether Switcharoo Kid is wearing his white hat or his black hat to know whether to cheer or boo. But Repete will leave no doubt in their minds, for he’s even meaner Pete. With a narrator to keep the characters onstage in line, this play can be presented as a traditional melodrama or as a full-length comedy. Either way, this wild and wooly Western will bring down the house!

Performances are on three different nights, April 5, 6, and 7th at 7:00 PM in the Escalante Cafetorium. Come on out and enjoy the show!

Spring Picture Day at EMS March 30th

Wear your best smile on March 30th for spring picture day at EMS! Photos will be taken by Allison Ragsdale Photography and all purchases will be made online at [email protected] Pamphlets are available for students to pick up in the office, or click the link below for more information. (Retakes are scheduled for April 19th).

An Evening with Navajo Cartoonist Keith Jim, March 31, 6:00-8:00PM

Keith Jim is attracting attention for "The Heroes," his graphic novel series telling the Navajo creation story. The important, traditional Navajo stories he grew up hearing were his identity when he was a youngster. He hopes to leave a new generation of children, Native and non-Native alike, with that same feeling through his work. Learn more about Keith Jim and his work on March 31, 2022, 6pm-8pm, at Miller Middle School.

BOE Coffee Chat, March 15

Join us for the next 9-R BOE Coffee Chat, scheduled for Tuesday, March 15, at noon at the Smiley Cafe in Durango.
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