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Escalante Middle School Lockout - 3.9.21

I wanted to take a moment to describe the differences between a lockout and a lockdown, and how lockouts, such as the one that occurred today, affect the school day.  A lockout happens when we secure the perimeter of the school to ensure that our campus is safe from external threats.  Inside the building is business as usual, however, we will modify or eliminate outside activity and ensure parents and staff remain off campus.  A lockdown is called when there is either an unknown threat or when the threat could be inside the school building.  In a lockdown teachers lock internal doors, help students secure a safe place, and maintain silence during the situation.

The activities today demonstrate a strong partnership with our local police department and our school resource officers, and is reflective of our training and coordination when events like this occur. These types of scenarios are merely precautions and are indicative of a more collaborative and aligned process with local authorities around keeping children safe at school.

In an effort to maintain communications with families around the events that take place at the school, when a lockout does not interfere with drop off or pick up we institute parent letters, such as this, which go home with students the day of the occurrence; that way families are aware of what occurred at the school and better understand our channels of communications around these types of scenarios. 

Again, there was no direct threat to the school or the students and a lockout is simply a precautionary measure schools take when certain activities take place around the campus; this may also include animals on campus.  Thank you for your support of our school safety measures as student and staff safety is our top priority.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 



Jeremy Voss, Principal

(970) 247-9490


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