Escalante Middle School

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Supply List

Sixth Grade

3” ringed binder with pocket inserts

5 plastic dividers with tabs and pockets

Zipper pouch to store supplies – 3 hole punched

Plenty of pencils!  (regular or mechanical with extra lead)

2 or more pens

1 package of lined filler paper

1 spiral notebook                                                         Erasers

24 colored pencils, erasable preferred                         Highlighters

2 or more boxes of Kleenex                                        PE Shoes


Seventh Grade

3 Composition Notebooks, different colors

2 @ One-Inch binders (3-hole punch with side-ruled notebook paper)

Dividers w/ pockets for each binder (2 total)

2 pocket folders                                                                       1 marker (black felt-tipped fine-point)

Supply pouch / box / container                                                1 box colored pencils

2 or more pens (blue or black)                                     1 small bottle of glue

2 glue sticks                                                                

1 highlighter

Adequate supply of pencils (regular or mechanical w/extra lead and erasers)

Calculator (advanced math needs scientific calculator)

2 or more boxes of Kleenex


Eighth Grade

4 composition notebooks

1 binder (student choice w/3-hole punch notebook paper)

1 set dividers w/pockets for binder

Graph paper (pkg of 200+ quadrilles)                          2 glue sticks                            

Supply pouch /box /container                                      Dry-erase markers (one set)

2 or more pens (blue or black)                                     1 box colored pencils                                     

Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator

Adequate supply of pencils (regular or mechanical w/extra lead and erasers)

USB flash drive or Drop Box account highly recommended

2 or more boxes of Kleenex



One 2-inch binder                                                        Pencils

Concert clothes (specific to class)                               Instrument and accessories (specific to class)

Method books (specific to class)                                             1 or more boxes of  Kleenex


Spanish Class

One notebook                                                              Glue

One folder                                                                   Scissors

Colored pencils                                                                        2 pkg college notebook paper

1 or more boxes of Kleenex